• Do you want to feel truly fulfilled at the end of the day?

  • Do you want to spend your energy using your unique gifts that come from within?

  • Are you ready to stop compromising and begin living your best life?

Are you:
  • allowing things you aren’t passionate about to consume your time and creative energy?
  • frustrated with your life feeling totally out of balance?
  • struggling with the conflict between what you are doing and what you WANT to be doing with your life?
  • overwhelmed by the ever-growing list of ideas in your head?
Ask yourself:
Am I ready to create a time to plan and begin to live my passion now?

Ready to jump in and get started right now?  I invite you to connect with my work and see what positive changes result in your life.

One of my original exercises is available here:

Triple B includes:

  • a downloadable .mp3 recording
  • a downloadable .pdf document

Triple B will challenge you to:

  • take time for yourself
  • examine your personality traits
  • reflect on and balance those traits to create positive change in your life
Get your copy of Triple B right now for $9.99 by clicking below:

Are excuses getting in the way of you doing what you’re passionate about?

Each new moon, I host the free, virtual Live My Passion Now Excuse Fast.  If you’re on Facebook, join us at https://www.facebook.com/LiveMyPassionNow and go to “Events”.  If you’re not on Facebook, e-mail me at shena@livemypassionnow.com and I’ll get the details to you directly.  We’ve had over 300 participants from at least 20 countries and 30 U.S. states.  Participants have experienced some powerful personal and professional transformations.  Join us!

Here are some things people asked themselves after listening to my conversation, “Living a Life That Will Lead Us to Who We Really Are,” with fine woodworker Stephen Landau.

“What if I invested this same energy in something that I love to do?”

“What if I changed (my role) to something much more fulfilling and something that I looked forward to?”

“When am I going to allow myself to invest in myself?”

“Why not start now?”

What others have to say about my work:

Susan Kelley, Senior Staff Writer, Cornell Chronicle Publications:  “Shena is an empathetic, active listener, and she clearly heard my aspirations. I also really appreciate her empowering approach.”

Kelly Hagelauer, Exton, PA: “As an HR Manager for a Fortune 500 company, I have been very impressed with Shena’s interviewing style.  She encompasses the ability to be an active and engaged listener while staying focused on the interviewees and helping them discover their own truths.  She excellently gauges open-ended questions that bring her clients’ true passions into focus while helping them evaluate their obstacles.”

Karen Gordon, Founder and Therapist, ReVive Healing Arts, Monteverde, Costa Rica: “Love your story (Bamboo Moon) and all of the images it evoked!  Just beautiful… ‘May your light shine so brightly that even the birds will mistake it for the rising sun.’  Sweet stuff, Shena…keep it coming!”

Polly Wood, MFA, MA, Mother, Drummer, Songwriter, Dancer, Artist, Ritualist & Independent Scholar shares:
“I’m really impressed with the structure, the organization, all the offerings, the timing and the timed release.  So many of your strengths and so much of your background are fusing together into this.  It’s really awesome.  It takes a very special person to put this together and offer it in this way that’s accessible to people wherever and whenever it works for them.  The program is laid out and organized in a way that’s very easy to follow.  I know so many people will be called to it, love it and will benefit from what you’re offering.  I love what you’re doing!  I want others to be able to do this with you.”
Anonymous: “What a gift that was!  I love your gift of words and of your voice. And wonderfully synchronous that I am at a similar point in time in my life…many years of being ‘stuck’ and not actualizing my dreams.”

Here’s a menu of some of my services and products:
  • The Live My Passion Now Virtual Retreat guides people to the actualization of the ideas that have come to them so they can live more fulfilling lives.  Find out more about the retreat by watching this short video.
  • Check out the Live My Passion Now Facebook page for inspiring images and quotations.
  • I am available for individual and group consultation, workshops and speaking engagements.  Please send me a message at shena@livemypassionnow.com and let me know what you’re looking for!

I see myself as a guide, an Idea Actualization Guide, who takes energy and shapes it into something people can appreciate, a guide who helps people connect to their hearts.  

I am a guide who translates energy into language and awakens others to their true selves by sharing the expressions of my heart.  I look forward to connecting with you.




Bamboo Moon

Click here for access to the audio/visual version of the story of my epiphany, “Bamboo Moon.”